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One Year Old Classrooms

We have two classrooms for one year olds- a younger/crawler classroom and an older one year old classroom.  This helps the transition for young one year olds moving up from the Infant Room who are not yet able to walk.  

We begin our curriculum and introduce classroom routines/rules to one year olds.  

Parents will provide: diapers, wipes, extra changes of clothes, nap mat

Parents are encouraged to send their children in proper fitting shoes every day so that they can practice walking throughout the day.  

Biting is very common in Toddler classrooms.  We will work with parents and children to get through it. Click here for tips:

Two Year Old Classrooms


We continue setting the foundation for our two year olds with our curriculum and classroom routines/rules.


Toilet Training

We really focus on potty training in the Two year old classrooms.  Our teachers will work closely with parents to determine when a child is ready to start potty training both at home and at school.  Parents have to be on board for it to be successful, so doing the same at home and school will speed up the process.  Children will be encouraged to regularly attempt to use the toilet throughout the day, especially when they are just starting out with potty training.  

Here are signs to know when your child is ready to begin potty training.


Here are some great tips for potty training if this is a new topic for you and you are struggling with it: How to Potty Train without losing your mind.

Parents will provide: diapers/pull ups/underwear, wipes, extra changes of clothes, nap mat

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