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School Age Kids

After School Activities 

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Games

  • Sports

  • Science

  • Cooking

  • Music

Homework Assistance

We come up with a homework plan that works for your family. Some families prefer children to get their energy out and save their homework for home. Other families with busy schedules and extracurricular activities find it helpful for children to get a head start on their homework before being picked up for the day.  


If you would like the assistance with homework, just add your child to our Homework Assistance Program by speaking to an administrator.  

Before Care

Our schedule allows children the freedom to choose how they want to start their day. They may want to play a board or card game with friends, quietly color alone, or chill out for a few minutes until they are ready to wake up.  We will feed them a nutritious breakfast before sending them off to school for the day.

After Care

Our afternoon schedule is a little different, they come in from school and get a nutritious snack before the fun begins.  If they are in the homework program then they will go straight to the Homework Room to get started on their homework.  The rest of the kids are usually split into the younger or older school age classrooms and/or playing on the playground.  After sitting in a desk all day, we usually try to let them have as much outdoor time as possible.   

Holidays & School Closures

We also provide full-day care for holidays and school closures.  They will be provided Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack.  Activities will be planned for these days and occasionally we may take a field trip or have other special activities planned.

Drop Ins for school closures may be available for children that are not currently enrolled in our program.  This will depend on the number of children we have enrolled and are expecting to attend, call to inquire.

School  Age  Kids


  • North Live Oak Elementary- Center Provided Transportation

  • South Live Oak Elementary

  • Live Oak Elementary

  • Live Oak Middle


  • Levi Milton Elementary- Center Provided Transportation

  • North Corbin Elementary

  • North Corbin Junior High

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