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We are so excited about our new website!! We have been working on making these changes for a long time now and hope that you like what we have done!

We are thrilled about our new blog and can't wait to start sharing with you! This will be an awesome way for us to connect with our customers and to create an online community. We want to hear from you....What do you want us to talk about? What are you struggling with?

Maybe it's co-parenting- family dynamics can be hard on everyone especially when there are two sets of everything....houses, beds, rules, etc.

Maybe it's finding more time in your day for quality time with your child- we all have the same 24 hours in a day, sometimes it can seem like you have way less...reading a book or playing a game after dinner and before bed may seem out of the question but there are ways to make quality time a priority and still give you some quiet time to yourself. :)

Maybe you have developmental concerns- should they be doing this or that, how can I help them to learn how to...? There are tons of questions out there.

We are here to help.

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