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Department of Education

Licensing of child care facilities is now regulated by the Department of Education. They also handle the child care assistance program.  There are resources available on their website, such as a list of child care providers by parish and the early learning standards.

Telephone: (225) 342-9905


Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Telephone: (877) 453-2721
Fax: (225) 342-3906

Volunteers of America

The resource and referral agency for Livingston Parish can help parents locate child care providers or connect with the right resources.

(225) 926-8005




South Live Oak Elementary

(225) 667-9330

Starts: 8:10

Ends: 3:05

Live Oak Elementary

(225) 665-6702

Starts: 8:20

Ends: 3:10

North Live Oak Elementary

(225) 667-3135

Starts: 8:00

Ends: 3:15

Live Oak Middle School

(225) 665-3211

Starts: 7:15

Ends: 2:40


Levi Milton

(225) 664-9711

Starts: 8:20

Ends: 3:15

North Corbin Elementary

(225) 686-9169

Starts: 8:40

Ends: 3:15

North Corbin Junior High

(225) 686-2038

Starts: 7:30

Ends: 2:55

Livingston Parish School Board

(225) 686-7044


This website will help you determine which school district you live in: Transportation Department

If your child will be attending another school that we dont service and you need help finding child care for before and after school, you should call the school to inquire about other providers in the area.

Family Resource Center

Did you know that Livingston Parish has a wonderful loaning library for the families in our parish?  This area is fully stocked with educational resources for your child and it's all FREE!!!  

(225) 686-1123


Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge

This agency has counseling, education, and community services.  We have had their mental health consultants work with us for years and they always have great resources available.

(225) 924-0123


Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge

This agency has great resources and support for families with children with disabilities.  

(225) 216-7474


Livingston Parish Library

Livingston Parish is so lucky to have all the resources available to us at our libraries!  Check them out!

(225) 686-4140


Early Intervention

Sometimes parents or caregivers may feel like children may need to be assessed for developmental delays but are unsure of who to talk to or the steps to take.  There are agencies available to do assessments which will determine if the child does in fact need additional services.  The earlier the better for the assessments to be done: Children under 3 years old would be evaluated by Early Steps and over 3 are done by Pupil Appraisal.

Early Steps - More Info 

Pupil Appraisal - More Info

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